2022 Calendar Finalised

The Bend Motorsport Park for Round 2 of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series

Australian International Pedal Prix Incorporated, is pleased to announce the full calendar for the 2022 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series. 

The last event to be finalised is Round 2 of the Series with The Bend Motorsport Park confirmed as the host venue, seeing the internationally acclaimed circuit slated for two events in 2022.  

The Series will visit an exciting mix of venues across South Australia and Western Australia. The Bend will now feature twice during the season, sandwiching Adelaide’s Victoria Park which is set for 17-19 June. The Busselton foreshore will host Round 5 on August 21, with the grand finale at Murray Bridge’s Sturt Reserve on September 24 – 25. The season will kick off at Mount Gambier’s McNamara Park on 26 March. 

Three options were shortlisted for Round 2, being The Bend, Loxton and Mallalla. Loxton, an old favourite, is a street circuit and has the shortcoming of being challenging to barricade and fence, proving difficult to manage from a safety/access and COVID Management perspective. Mallala, the motor racing circuit now just 45 minutes north of Adelaide via the new expressway, would have provided a relatively flat open venue. Whilst the track itself could cater for large numbers, the amenities and pit areas were considered limiting factors. Both venues however, remain on the radar as future options. The Bend is a proven quantity with plenty of attributes including a wide safe track, quality pits, and a very different viewing scenario, coupled with pit suite accommodation. 

“We are very excited to finalise all rounds of the 2022 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series,” said CEO Marcus Lacey. “We met with representatives of Loxton, and toured Mallalla, on the basis both venues had something to offer as well as bringing variety to the Series. However, returning to The Bend Motorsport Park for Round 2 made a lot of sense in the end. It has a lot going for it and is a known quantity, an important consideration with COVID still amongst us.” 

2022 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series Calendar

  • Rnd 1 Mount Gambier, Saturday, 26 March
  • Rnd 2 Tailem Bend, Saturday, 14 May
  • Rnd 3 Victoria Park, Fri – Sun, 17-19 June
  • Rnd 4 Tailem Bend, Saturday, 30 July
  • Rnd 5 Busselton, Sunday 21 August
  • Rnd 6 Murray Bridge, Fri – Sun, 23 – 25 September