round 4 still undecided

The Board of AIPP Inc. met last night, Tuesday, to consider the option of proceeding with a modified format for Rnd 4 of the 2020 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series but has postponed making a decision pending the outcome of future easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Various proposals for a highly modified version of the event, currently scheduled for 25-26 July at Adelaide’s Victoria Park, were discussed and considered possibilities should restrictions be eased further in the near future.

“As of 1 June, significant changes have come into effect regarding social gathering which offer a degree of optimism as we look to the 2nd half of the 2020 season. The government has identified 25 June as another date for more changes to come into effect and has flagged these changes may impact on organised sport.” noted AIPP Inc. Chairman, Andrew McLachlan. “As a result, we have delayed making a decision regarding the 25-26 July event, and we will re-convene after further easing of restrictions.”

In the interim however, the Board has agreed to investigate organised training at Victoria Park for 20-21 June providing it can be confident of meeting COVID-19 restrictions.

“We are getting closer to getting back to our sport, and for our riders and teams to take the track again, even if it is a modified format” said McLachlan of the welcome development. “We will be seeking expressions of interest for the 20-21 June training dates, with indicative numbers helping to assess the viability and format.”

Details of the training weekend concept will be communicated to all South Australian based teams (as the state’s borders remain closed) seeking expressions of interest. These numbers will assist in final design of the activity.

restrictions remain limiting

Relaxed guidelines continue to restrict UniSA Australian HPV Super Series.

This week’s implementation of the South Australian Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions does not yet provide sufficient relaxation of guidelines to enable the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series to proceed.

The UniSA Australian HPV Super Series is a season long set of events attracting gatherings of several thousand competitors, support staff and spectators.

Three rounds of the 2020 Series have so far been cancelled as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. The next scheduled event is Round 4 at Victoria Park on 25-26 July.

“The opportunity to proceed with events in a safe and manageable manner is under constant review” said Chairman Andrew McLachlan.

As of the beginning of this week, the new and revised updated roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions by the government took effect.

Initially, this provides for gatherings of up to 10 people, with a maintained density of 1 person per 4 square metres, and maintenance of 1.5m social distancing. New freedoms, such as for example around regional travel, auctions and funerals, whilst staying within these guidelines, are permitted.

It also provides for gatherings of up to 10 people for outdoor sport training. Currently all scheduled sanctioned training days at Victoria Park are cancelled through to 30 June, however the capacity to undertake organised practice in the future is currently being considered.

Further easing from 8 June provides, amongst other things, “Sport transition to competition without spectators, …” with group gatherings to a maximum of 20 people, whilst still maintaining social distancing and density rules.

“Given the nature, size and scale of our events, there is nothing within these current modified restrictions which would allow for any Rounds to proceed, but we look forward to seeing further details from the government” said McLachlan.

Future steps have been outlined for consideration, including larger gatherings, and state border restrictions. However McLachlan noted the limitations “As no dates or further details have been provided at this stage, it is difficult to plan beyond the current scenario.”

The Board of the organising body, AIPP Inc., is constantly reviewing and considering government guidelines with a view to returning to safe and manageable HPV events at the earliest possible opportunity, and will advise competitors, supporters and the community further as developments unfold.

adelaide round 3 cancelled

Adelaide’s Round 3 of the UniSA AHPVSS wont be on track at Victoria Park this June as COVID-19 restrictions continue to limit gatherings.

The Victoria Park, Adelaide Round 3 of the 2020 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series, scheduled for 13-14 June, has been cancelled.

The Board of Australian International Pedal Prix Incorporated deliberated the decision on the evening of 30 April 2020 in a virtual meeting. After lengthy consideration, and despite positive indications from the government regarding COVID-19 trends, significant restrictions on public gatherings are likely to remain in place for some time.

Series Chairman, Andrew McLachlan, summarised the outcome, “Again, the number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our competitors, supporters and community. We must predicate our decisions on the guidance and direction provided by government, and with just 6 weeks until our next scheduled round, it is clear the short term future does not provide us with the certainty required to prepare for a mid June event.”

The UniSA Australian HPV Super Series is comprised of six rounds. Following the cancellation of Round 1 in Mt Gambier and Round 2 at Loxton, the demise of Adelaide’s Round 3 in mid June means half the 2020 Series has been abandoned. McLachlan however points out the second half of the season may be different, and consideration is being given to safe alternative formats should that be able to act as a catalyst to getting trikes on track.

“Indications from the government show our country has potentially turned the corner when it comes to managing the spread of COVID – 19. As such, there is the possibility of progressive relaxations of public gathering rules which may provide opportunities in the second half of 2020. The Board will continue to meet on line every two weeks and consider options” he added.

a history of barking beauty’s

By Debs Buchmann, Team Manager, Barking Beauty’s, Mount Barker High School

A seed was sown in 2018 when we had interest from three year 8 boys to join our Pedal Prix Teams.  We had 2 full teams already so the three extra riders would have made our junior team too big for the 6 hour races at Victoria Park.  The Senior Team Barking Mad (who won every race in 2018 in their category and were season champions) had sisters in year 8 and 9 who had been involved in supporting their brothers at every race for the past 4 years.  We asked the 3 girls (one my daughter) to join the boys to make a team for the 2 Victoria Park races using the very old corflute trike.   

They enjoyed it so much that they asked me if we could have a girls’ team for 2019.  One of the Senior Teams dad Pete Askew, found out that Paul Clarke, Team Manager/owner for “Wild One”, was selling his trike at the end of the 2018 season along with the trailer.  I forwarded the information to the Principal and suggested “girls team”, can I investigate.  To which he replied “Yes”.  After investigating, I then had to convince the Principal that it would be a good investment and that we should be promoting women/girls in sport, especially as there aren’t that many female pedal prix teams.  As my daughter was very keen, so I made a personal promise that I would raise $6000 in sponsorship and knowing he would have our family support and involvement for another 9 years, he agreed (my youngest son is now in a junior community team and will be part of the schools teams when he gets to high school in 2022).  I approached sponsors with the “women in sport” angle and was lucky to get the funds I had promised.    

Our Principal Mr Warren Symonds, has been a great supporter of the Pedal Prix since my eldest son Saxon Buchmann and his friend Harry Askew approached him in 2014, when they were in Year 8 and asked if the school had a trike (they had raced in primary school).  There was an old trike and they were given approval for their parents to take, repair it and race it.  From there we have grown to 3 teams this year, and 2 affiliated community teams – one in C7 (so the parents and old scholars from Barking Mad can race), and a C4 for our feeder team.  

Once the season was finished Paul serviced, repaired and resprayed the trike ready for our 2019 season.  We just had to add a few finishing touches to it and get a team together!   

By the end of the season 2018 I had 4 definite team members and just had to get some more.  I put into place my Recruitment Drive with “GIRL POWER” signs at the school, had the trike on display at the school’s Sports Day and open night with pedal prix video footage and photographs to get some interest.  Working at the primary school I also knew a few girls that were sporty and might be interested who had just started high school.  It was cutting it fine but we pulled together our team for Mount Gambier.   

Our team for the 2019 season was Lottie Buchmann, Brooky Correll, Katelyn Gatenby, Abbs Taylor, Maddy Nagle, Charlie Cooke, Tia Herberte and Naomi Baird.   

The team have shown continued growth over the season, with every rider improving in different aspects; striving to get fastest lap, increasing lap times and lap number, gaining confidence, working together and forming a strong team bond.  The girls being in different years at school, wouldn’t normally have formed friendships if not involved, now they are close friends who can turn to each other for help and support outside of Pedal Prix.    

They finished the season in the overall Series standings in 3rd place in their S2F – All female category.   This is a fantastic achievement for the team’s first year and their continued passion and enthusiasm will ensure the team will continue to improve.   

A few of the dads took on the repairs, maintenance and makeover of the trike last year.  During the off-season Dave Nagle was eager for a project to work on and as he showed such interest, I happily handed over the trike to him.  My only guideline was to keep the purple as close to the girl’s team shirts as possible, other than that, I said he could do whatever he wanted, as long as it was ready for our first race.    

I have to say as a team manager I am very lucky to have such a fantastic group of girls.  They are all lovely, caring, friendly, well mannered and show great sportsmanship.  As a bonus their families are dedicated to supporting their children and make my job a lot easier.    

All our teams are coached, managed and supported by a dedicated group of parents, grandparents, siblings with the support of the school.  This makes it a great “family” and community environment not only for the students to make new friends but also the parents.  We all feel part of the team.  I personally have made some lifelong friends through my involvement.    

Our girls were pretty determined to win a race in 2020.  We are hopeful that we will get a race in this year, and I am encouraging the team to stay fit during this time.   

However, if we don’t get that opportunity, we will be ready for 2021!

loxton future strong

The District Council of Loxton Waikerie has committed to host a Round of the University of SA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series for an additional five years (with an option of a further five years) from 2021.

The announcement comes just days after this year’s 2020 event had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, and stands as a reassuring and positive sign for the future.

The Round 2 fixture, Loxton has become a key event in the Series calendar for the past six years since its inception in 2014, and the extension is a major vote of confidence for the event and its management.

“We are delighted the District Council of Loxton Waikerie  has resolved to extend its support to host Round 2 of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series, and particularly for the proposed duration for at least the next five years,” said Andrew McLachlan, Chairman.

Council confirmed its resolution following a presentation by AIPP Inc. Chairman Andrew McLachlan and Marketing and Communications Manager Marcus Lacey at Loxton Council Chambers.

UniSA AHPVSS Chairman and Board will work with Council and it’s Chief Executive Officer to confirm details and conclude the new agreement.

Consistent and sustained growth has been a feature of entries for Loxton.

Consistent and sustained growth in entry numbers has been a key highlight of the event, with the initial entry list having swelled from 65 to 120, current track capacity.

Discussions will also take place with Council regarding the lengthening of the circuit opening up the opportunity for the event to be able to accept an ever-increasing demand from competitors.

In 2017, District Council of Loxton Waikerie Lord Mayor Leon Stasinowsky welcomed the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology team from Indiana, USA.

loxton round 2 cancelled

Loxton’s Bookpurnong Tce will not see Human Powered Vehicle action in May

Australia and the world continues to face the challenge that is COVID-19. 

Our country, like others, now operates on a basis of ever more stringent Social Distancing and Self Isolation practices to slow the spread of the virus. 

Given the current situation, and timelines indicated by the Government around duration of these measures, Australian International Pedal Prix Inc. hereby advises the cancellation of Round 2 of the University SA Australian HPV Super Series formerly scheduled for 3 May 2020 at Loxton, SA. 

Previously the Board indicated, that on 3 April 2020, it would advise of its decision regarding the running of this Round. It has already become clear it is not possible to hold this event, and as such the decision has been brought forward to provide teams, families, schools, local business and organisers more notice.   

The Board of AIPP Inc. will continue to closely monitor Government advice, guidelines and regulations around COVID-19 and its impact on our lives. The situation will improve, but we don’t know when.  

While there remains potential for further cancellations, we are hopeful of seeing races in 2020. Decisions will be made, and updates provided on an ongoing basis. 

For further information regarding COVID-19 and how you can help stop the spread and stay healthy click here 

COVID-19 Update

The AIPP Inc. Board has considered the constantly changing state of COVID-19 in Australia.

Instances of the Coronavirus are presently low in South Australia. However, the situation is changing daily.

The Board is mindful of this situation and will make a final decision on whether to stage Round 2 of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series at Loxton on Thursday, April 2. Teams will be informed of the decision on Friday, April 3, a month prior to the planned race.

We understand teams want clarity to help with their planning and believe it is prudent to monitor the situation before making decisions, while giving entrants reasonable notice.

Given the nature of our sport – multiple people using HPVs; large support teams, necessary provision and handling of food and drinks, and the overall congregation of people – we need to be cautious and prudent in our consideration.

The duration which the Government’s advised restrictions will be in place are unknown, but it could be for some time yet.

We will continue to closely monitor developments on a watch-and-act basis moving forward.

We thank all our teams and supporters for their understanding and wish everyone good health.

Andrew McLachlan



mount Gambier Round Cancelled

As a result of today’s announcement by the Federal Government of restrictions on events with 500 or more attendees due to COVID-19, Round 1 of the 2020 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series in Mount Gambier on 28 March has been cancelled.
The organisation understands the effort and time teams and the community make to prepare for, and attend, our regional events. Mount Gambier 2020 was looking to be a great race with a field of 96, the biggest ever at Mac Park.
This is the first time a Round of the Series has had to be cancelled and it is not an easy decision to make however the safety and welfare of participants, volunteers, and the community has been put first.

2020 vehicle specification changes

The 2020 Australian Human Powered Vehicle Racing Design and Construction Specifications have been released. After review by technical officials of Australian International Pedal Prix Inc. and Victorian Human Powered Grand Prix Series, the organising bodies, two specific amendments have been incorporated.

These are;

*Higher Standard for Rear Roof Strength – This attends to the small number of vehicles that were built with very light weight rear roof areas. (Figure 5, on page 7, referred to in a new rule 4.10.2.)

*Seat Belt Bolt Specification – A new rule 5.2.3, that for Scrutineering purposes gives a bolt specification where coupling nuts are used as a captive nut system for seat belt mounting.

These specifications are for vehicles entering approved Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) events in Australia, currently the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series, and the Victorian Human Powered Grand Prix Series.

AIPP Inc. Chairman, Andrew McLachlan highlighted the crucial nature of the review. “Robust vehicle specifications form an important backbone for HPV racing in Australia. They are produced, to ensure optimum safety, exciting racing, and series stability. We are very pleased with the review overseen by Chief Scrutineer Rob Spurling, with just two changes for the upcoming 2020 season.”

Vehicles permitted to enter the approved Series must be single seat, recumbent, have three or more load bearing wheels and be solely human powered, driving one or more of the wheels. No alternative propulsion systems are allowed.

Both changes can be found in the 2020 Australian Human Powered Vehicle Racing Design and Construction Specifications on the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series website, under the Manager Info tab.