bellotti corner redeveloped

One of the most exciting sections of track on the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series calendar has
undergone a major redevelopment.

Bellotti Corner, a fast paced 90 degree left hand bend followed by a right kick back coming onto the river front main straight at Murray Bridge’s picturesque Sturt Reserve has been substantially improved. The work, undertaken by The Rural City of Murray Bridge, has been carried out with rider safety at the forefront of the redesign.

Working in conjunction with organisers of the Series, the local council body has committed significant resources to undertake the changes.

“Bellotti Corner has always been action packed, an exhilarating spot for both rider and spectator alike,” noted CEO Marcus Lacey. “The great thing about these changes is they will keep the exciting nature of the corner intact, while at the same time substantially increase the safety for all trikes at this point in the track.”

The changes include:

  • Removal of the of the light pole on the river side of the corner
  • Re-laying of the kerbing at the outside edge of the circuit, in a different design profile to provide a gentler gradient, negotiable for HPVs, should vehicles leave the track
  • Replacement of the storm water culvert on the outside edge of the circuit with a flush design style that will not damage HPVs
  • Expanding and flattening the run off area on the outside of the corner


“It is disappointing we are not at Murray Bridge right now for the annual 24hr Australian International Pedal Prix, due to COVID,” said Lacey. “We’d like to thank The Rural City of Murray Bridge, as these upgrades will be welcome by all when we return in 2022.”

Bellotti Corner was named in honour of Tim Bellotti, a trailblazer of HPV racing development in Australia. He helped revolutionise the sport and was directly responsible for the way many HPVs are designed today. He was heavily involved with Walford School in the late 1990’s before establishing his winning teams in the early 2000’s, dominating the Open category with his advanced designs. Tim was a true pioneer of the sport and a great friend to the AIPP community. One of his race winning vehicles is still being used by a Primary School Team.