training cancelled as restrictions continue

The Government of South Australia yesterday announced the lifting of Level 5 restrictions effective 12:01 AM this morning, but continued restrictions remain.

For schools, sporting competition will not be allowed to proceed, and while it is noted that training can resume, this is only for intra school activity.   

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens explained the reason why training could resume but not competitive sport.   

“The difference is if you’re training, you’re training with people you’re normally in contact with, but when you allow teams to compete, they invariably come from different parts of the wider metropolitan area or different country locations to compete together, so you’re bringing different communities together, which means if we do have an outbreak the potential spread is much wider than if you have it just in a group of people who normally get together.” 

On this basis, the planned training session for teams of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series scheduled for this Sunday, 1 August, has been cancelled and will not proceed.  

2020 was a challenging year, and 2021 has again presented us with an unpleasant set of circumstances. Not being able to conduct two rounds of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series is particularly devastating. There are thousands of competitors, teachers, team staff, families and supporters who continue to join with us and share the passion of HPV racing. For all of us to be thwarted in our endeavors in such a harsh way is difficult to take. The Board of the Series shares the anguish and concern generated by the effects of COVID-19. We will however always place the safety and well-being of competitors, teams and supporters foremost.  

Our next event is scheduled to be Round 6 of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series to be held at Murray Bridge on 11 – 12 September.

round 4 cancelled

This morning the Premier of South Australia announced a 7 day lockdown  after numerous COVID-19 positive tests in South Australia. 

As a result, both the training day scheduled for this Sunday 25 July and Round 4 of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series at the Bend Motorsport Park scheduled for Saturday 31 July are cancelled.  

While the duration of lockdown is currently scheduled for 7 days, the uncertainty around what happens during and after this period make it clear this is the only available decision to take.  

Chairman Andrew McLachlan expressed the disappointment felt by all. “These decisions are difficult and not taken lightly, but in the best interests of our community. We understand and feel the frustration and challenge this creates for all of us. We look forward to that time in the future when we can resume more normal operations.”

three day festival of hpv racing

Victoria Park last saw HPV racing in pre-COVID days, back in 2019.

Round 3 of the University of SA Australian HPV Super Series will get the green light tomorrow at Adelaide’s Victoria Park in the heart of the city. It is fortunate that in 2021, unlike the previous year, racing has been able to resume. However COVID’s tentacles continued to reach out and throw up challenges to the Series.

This year, racing will share the Adelaide Parkland circuit with the now well entrenched COVID testing centre. The full-time facility is completely separated from the shorter eastern track loop which will host the three day carnival of human powered vehicle racing, and is boarded by two metre high fencing.

It is however teams from the neighbouring state of Victoria which will feel the full brunt of COVID restrictions with none of the entrants able to travel to South Australia to compete. Their presence will be sorely missed as they have played an important part in shaping the outcome of Rounds 1 and 2 to date.

In a first for the Series, the Victoria Park event will take place over three days. Commencing on Friday the 18th of June, day one will see the primary school teams (Category S1) take to the track. Saturday, will have all the open category entries racing (C4-C7), with the carnival culminating as high school teams in categories S2 and S3 scorch the tarmac on Sunday. The shorter eastern loop circuit will cater for a total of 18 hours of action over the three days, with each event starting at 10:00 AM, and finishing at 4:00 PM. The new format will cater well for the ever-increasing numbers which, despite the reduced numbers due to the absence of Interstate teams, will see significant fields take to the track, and racing expected to be tight.

Top contenders in action this weekend include Crafers and Coromandel Valley in the S1 Primary Schools, Unity College and Pembroke School in Senior High School, Category S3, and Unhinged and Reload Racing in the Open Category, C7.

the bend experience

The huge field assembled on the grid at The Bend Motorsport Park

The UniSA Australian HPV Super Series broke new ground on Sunday when Round 2 was held at The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend.  The international award winning motor racing circuit was expansive, smooth, and utilising a 3.4km circuit variant, new for all of us. Additionally, it incorporated amenities such as accommodation overlooking the circuit, purpose built pit garages and dining facilities, indeed a new experience.

Thousands of competitors, families and supporters gathered to sample the new venue, with some 180 Human Powered Vehicles lining up for the 10:00am start. The huge array of arrow shaped vehicles prepared at the start of the long straight ready to start was a sight to behold.

Battles took place across the categories as riders settled in for the 6 hour endurance race, none closer or more frenetic than the contest for the outright win. Aurora Racing’s Aurora and Wattle Racing’s Gunyah staged a clash for the ages with the two trading places a number of times. As the clock counted down, the final stage riders gave it their all with Aurora taking the victory by just 4.9secs – after 6 hours of racing!

Across the schools’ categories, Pembroke School showed strong form taking out both the Middle (S2) and Senior (S3) school categories, while Crafers Primary School won category S1, Junior school.

The next round of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series will be held at Adelaide’s Victoria Park on the weekend of 18-20 June.

Gunyah leads Aurora on the back of the circuit – a day long battle.

Winners – by just 4.9 secs – Aurora

Round 2 Winners


C7 1st #52 Aurora Racing Aurora⠀
C6 1st #12 GTrikes Racing MatrixPro J⠀⠀
C5 1st #218 Peninsula Human Power Kids Krew⠀
C4 1st #34 Pipsqueak Racing Pipsqueak⠀⠀
S3 1st #16 Pembroke School Phoenix⠀⠀
S2 1st #3 Pembroke School Radar⠀⠀
S1 1st #194 Crafers Primary School The Comet

All Female

S1 1st #11 Holy Trinity Lutheran College : Hurricane (F)⠀
S2 1st #10 Holy Trinity Lutheran College : Avalanche (F)⠀
S3 1st #9 Pembroke School : The Devil (F)⠀
C6 1st #35 Pipsqueak Racing Sarcastic (F)⠀
C7 1st #27 Team Relentless : Shes Relentless (F)


C7 1st Masters #219 Peninsula Human Power Older Kids⠀

Series Leaders

  • S1 1st #31 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Thunder 298 points
  • S1 1st #11 Holy Trinity Lutheran College : Hurricane (All Female) 284 points
  • S2 1st #3 Pembroke School Radar 300 points
  • S2 1st #10 Holy Trinity Lutheran College : Avalanche (All Female) 274 points
  • S3 1st #16 Pembroke School Phoenix 300 points
  • S3 1st #90 Kingston Community School Nemo (All Female) 272 points
  • C4 1st #34 Pipsqueak Racing Pipsqueak/#23 Horsham West & Haven Primary School Visper Equal on 299 points
  • C5 1st #42 Bruce Racing Bruce Junior 299 points
  • C6 1st #12 GTrikes Racing MatrixPro J 299 points
  • C6 1st #35 Pipsqueak Racing Sarcastic (All Female) 288 points
  • C7 1st #52 Aurora Racing Aurora 300 points⠀
  • C7 1st #27 Team Relentless : Shes Relentless (All Female) 277 points
  • C7 1st #219 Peninsula Human Power Older Kids (Masters) 287 points


For all the results go to


Commitment and Passion To The Fore

How many combined kilometers will this team cover? With an impressive fleet of six vehicles, comprising one male and one female entry in every school category, passionate and committed students, staff and families from Holy Trinity Lutheran College in Horsham, Victoria will be a force to be reckoned with when they descend on Tailem Bend this weekend. 

From humble beginnings 13 years ago, the school team has grown to 52 riders. In addition, an estimated 100 staff, families and friends will make their way across the border to Tailem Bend this weekend. 

“We have huge interest for the male and female teams, all the way from categories S1 to S3, with riders from Years 5 to 12,” stated Team Manager Matthew McLoughlin. “We’ll have a very full bus, trailers and cars transporting some 150 people and GTrike racing HPVs to The Bend this weekend. Our riders will be staying at Unity College in Murray Bridge, who have generously agreed to host the team, with families staying locally and at Rydges Pit Lane” he added. 

McLoughlin said the new circuit will be a bit of an unknown and the team will need to adapt. “It’s exciting to be able to race on an international standard track with excellent facilities. It’s like nothing we’ve done before and we’ll have to adapt to the longer lap length and pit setup.” 

Longer term the team is keen to win at Murray Bridge under the 24hr format. “This is the big carrot!” he enthused, adding “It would be fantastic to have a Round of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series in Victoria!” 

Holy Trinity Lutheran College is supported by GTrikes, Brand Architects, Plazzer Builders, BayWa.r.e.Global, Daryl Robertson Auto ElectricalTyrepower Horsham, Laser Electrical, Millicent Toy Kingdom, Holy Trinity Lutheran College PTFA and a huge group of team parents! 

Holy Trinity Lutheran College Team: S1 #11 Hurricane (All Female) – 2nd in Round 1, #31 Thunder – 1st in Round 1 S2 #10 Avalanche (All Female), #32 Tempest S3 #33 Firestorm – 2nd in Round 1, #246 Blizzard (All Female) 


horsepower gives way to human power

Pembroke School racing HPVs lined up and ready for the green light when they take to the track with more than 180 other competitors for Rnd 2 of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series this Sunday, 23 May.

Svelte and lightweight Human Powered Vehicles will replace the thunderous Supercars when the trikes hit the track at The Bend Motorsport Park for Round 2 of the UniSA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series (AHPVSS), this weekend. The aerodynamic pedal powered capsules incorporating the latest materials and technology are highly efficient, their designs enabling maximum transfer of human power to propel them on the track.

More than 180 of the racing trikes will take to the smooth tarmac of the international standard motor racing facility at South Australia’s Tailem Bend. Established 35 years ago by a group of school technology teachers, the sport has flourished with six rounds and hundreds of competitors from across Australia. Despite the significant growth, the school-based roots of the sport remain heavily ingrained.

Pembroke School’s Phoenix will be out to defend its top ranking, their team of passionate and committed riders from Years 10-12 are hoping to replicate the result from Round 1 in Mt Gambier where they finished as first school team. In the process they mixed it with the best Open division contenders in the country, their Year 12 student Markus Chandler coming within 1.4 seconds of the outright fastest lap!

Experienced Team Manager Jason Lentakis has been committed to the sport of Human Powered Vehicle racing for many years and knows what it takes to put together a winning combination. “Our students are involved in all aspects of team preparation, from working on the trikes and vehicle setup, to racing flat out. There’s a good feeling amongst all the students involved, they’re invested, they’re passionate.”

The team, with support from Stanford Mowers and Townsend Orthodontics, will bring a new trike this weekend for their number 16 entry Phoenix, as well as two for the younger students and an all-female entry for the secondary division, S3.

This will be the first occasion Australian International Pedal Prix Inc., organisers of the Series, have held a race at the venue. “The Bend Motorsport Park has something exciting and different to offer our competitors.” stated Chairman Andrew McLachlan. “The 3.4km West Circuit which we will be utilising, is smooth and wide, enticing for the riders, and it can accommodate our big field. Off track the facility has excellent amenities as well as structured areas enabling us to comply with COVID requirements. We are really looking forward to the experience this weekend.”

Other teams to watch out for include outright winners of Round 1 Aurora Racing and fastest lap setters, Wattle Racing, both from Victoria, as well as the all-female teams from Relentless Racing in South Australia and in the Masters, Melbourne’s Peninsula Human Power.

Event: Round 2 Uni SA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series

Date: Sunday 23 May 2021

Time: 10:00am

Venue: The Bend Motorsport Park, 543 Dukes Hwy, Tailem Bend SA 5260

Entry: Free

racing again!

Aurora Racing’s Aurora, winner of Round 1 of the 2021 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series.

Round 1 of the 2021 UniSA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series (AHPVSS), held at the McNamara Park motorcycle racing circuit in Mt Gambier saw 78 teams take the track with a great sense of enthusiasm and excitement after a 12 month COVID enforced absence.

“What a great sight to see all these Human Powered Vehicle’s in full flight again, and all the teams throwing themselves into the action again” enthused the Series Chairman Andrew McLachlan.

McNamara Park again proved the ideal venue to start the season as teams from the wider Victoria and South Australia flocked to the site for scrutineering on Friday, and the race Saturday.

After a grueling 8 hours, Aurora Racing’s Aurora crossed the line in first outright followed by Wattle Racing’s Gunyah and Peninsula Human Power’s Disco Volante rounding out the podium. In the women’s Open category, Relentless Racing’s She’s Relentless was first followed by Reload Racing’s Frankie and Wattle Racing’s She’s The Man in 3rd.

Thanks to The City of Mount Gambier, The Mount Gambier Motorcycle Club, and the businesses and people of Mount Gambier for their support and making us feel welcome.

Outright Category Podiums:

S1: 1st #31 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Thunder, 2nd #11 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Hurricane, 3rd #75 Good Shepherd College Time Warp 2
S2: 1st #3 Pembroke School Radar, 2nd #9 Pembroke School The Devil, 3rd #74 Kingston Community School Larry
S3: 1st #16 Pembroke Phoenix, 2nd #33 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Firestorm, 3rd #53 Concordia College Veloci
C4: 1st #23 Horsham West & Haven Primary School Visper, 2nd #34 Pipsqueak Racing Pipsqueak, 3rd #14 Pipsqueak Racing Sassy
C5: 1st #42 Bruce Racing Bruce Junior, 2nd #46 EDEC HPV Team Captain Cabeman, 3rd #161 CAOS Racing Big Dog
C6: 1st #28 Team Relentless Cramp Fix, 2nd #12 GTrikes Racing MatrixPro J, 3rd #218 Peninsula Human Power Kids Krew
C7: 1st #52 Aurora Racing Aurora, 2nd #1 Wattle Racing Gunyah, 3rd #216 Peninsula Human Power Disco Volante

For all the results go to UniSA AHPVSS Results


“pedal prix” ready to race again


Competitors are getting set to line up on the grid for the UniSA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series (AHPVSS), or Pedal Prix as it is colloquially known, which kicks off later this month in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

This year’s Series also includes races at Tailem Bend for the first time, in addition to the well-known circuits of Adelaide and Murray Bridge in South Australia, and Busselton in Western Australia.

A strong field of 80 teams will travel to Mount Gambier, in the South-East of South Australia, for Round 1 on March 27.

Now in its 36th year the first pedal prix race was held in 1985 with less than a dozen teams – and the popularity of the event has continued to grow.

After the Series was cancelled in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, organisers and competitors are keen to get back on the track in 2021.

Series Chairman Andrew McLachlan says race organisers were excited to be organising the UniSA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series for 2021.

“After a year in which COVID-19 restrictions led to the cancellation of all races, the prospect of a return to operations, albeit modified, is a welcome outcome,’’ Mr McLachlan says.

“To be doing so in partnership again with the University of South Australia is particularly pleasing.

The University of South Australia is once again sponsoring the six race Series, which it has supported for the past 12 years.

UniSA Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd wishes all competitors well for the 2021 series.

“This exciting race series is designed to develop competitors’ teamwork, enterprise, technological and engineering skills, as well as fitness and health,’’ Prof Lloyd says.

“It also highlights the value of research and innovation and the development of sustainable communities.

“I wish all competitors the very best of luck for the series – and above all hope everyone learns a lot and has fun.’’

Mr McLachlan says enthusiasm about the event was as strong as ever with healthy numbers registered for all rounds.

“Having said that, we will be taking things race by race, as we still live in a COVID world, and careful attendance to health and safety guidelines and regulations remains paramount.”

The full calendar for the 2021 UniSA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series is:

2021 series information released

Details of the 2021 UniSA Ausralian HPV Super Series have been released are now available online and is a must for Team Managers, Competitors and Fans alike.

The expansive document covers all aspects of the Series. Race duration, start times, track length, are all outlined as well as information on Categories, Awards and Points Scoring.

The document can be found by clicking here or on the Manager Info link on the homepage of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series and following the link under .

2021 Entries Open 17 February

Mount Gambier’s spectacular McNamara Park will again host Round 1 of the 2021 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series

Entry registration for the 2021 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series will open on Wednesday 17 February 2021.

After a fraught year in 2020, where COVID-19 prevented all rounds of the Series from being held, a sustained period of low case levels and prompt outbreak response where needed has offered a more confident lead in to the new year.

“We are hopeful of brighter times ahead for this year’s events,” stated Series Chairman Andrew McLachlan. “The past 12 months has been very challenging for all involved in our sport, but now see a return to racing just around the corner,” he added.

In a major shift from previous year’s, while entrants will still register on line for all their chosen events in 2021, they will now be issued with invoices on a round by round basis, 3-4 weeks prior to each race weekend. The new process will ensure greater consistency between event certainty and entry payment.

McLachlan highlighted the benefit by saying; “While the new process will require some additional administration on our part and that of the teams, we hope it will provide a more rigorous financial model appropriate for our new COVID world. Put simply, teams will only pay round by round as each event becomes more certain of proceeding.”

Event entry will be available on the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series website homepage ( by clicking on the “Enter Races Now” button located on the top right hand corner of the page.

Invoices for Round 1 in Mt Gambier will be forwarded shortly with payment due by Friday 19 March, one week prior to the event.

2021 UniSA Australian HPV Super Series Provisional Calendar

Round Date Location Venue
1 27/03/2021 Mount Gambier McNamara Park
2 23/05/2021 Tailem Bend The Bend Motorsport Park
3 20/06/2021 Adelaide Victoria Park
4 31/07/2021 Tailem Bend The Bend Motorsport Park
5 15/08/2021 Busselton Jetty Foreshore
6 12/09/2021 Murray Bridge Sturt Reserve