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Here’s what the Judges are looking for when judging Trike Racer Video Slam Competition Entries.

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1. Did the Entrant follow the Official Rules including How to Enter and completed the entry form?

2. How does the Entry fare against the published Judging Criteria Rubric? Every Entry should be judged on its own merit, based on the established criteria. The Judging Criteria allows the judges to focus their attention on the qualities that are going to be weighed and assigned a value or score.

3. Judging will also include:


What you feel when you first view the Entry. Does the video evoke an emotion from the viewer? Does the video engage you from the onset or does it lose momentum?


How the Entrant was able to convey their idea, story or thought in an original and imaginative way through their lens, narrative, performance, etc.


How the Entrant is able to showcase their personal originality and technique to influence how the video is presented and interpreted.

Subject Matter

Was the subject matter addressed in the narrative, footage and music (if applicable) in the video?

Story Telling

How the Entrant is able to let their Video Entry evoke the viewer’s imagination, which may differ by each viewer. Is the story being told the right story?

4. Does the Subject Matter/Content fall within the requirement? Is it relevant? What is the Impact? What does the Entry emote, within a Visual, Emotional and Aesthetic context?

5. Even if the Technical Requirements have all been met, does the Video Entry create the visual impact that it should? Does the Entry exude technical excellence? Here are some examples of what to look for:


If there’s any interviews, do the speaker(s) know what they are talking about and do you believe them?


The quality of the video including how smooth the transitions are, and whether the editing compliments the flow of content. Having that finished look. Was the Video Entry truly ready to be entered or were some finishing touches, edits still required?


The video in its entirety should be in focus, as sharp focus is key. Avoid extensive and sharp movements while filming. Video movement should be smooth and transparent.


How the Entrant was able to use and/or control light. Was the lighting applied in the video (manmade or natural) properly used to enhance the visuals? Is the entrant and images clearly visible, centered, in focus and without any glare? Was the video well-lit throughout filming and each shot properly exposed?


Is the background unappealing, messy, unattractive or distracting? Was the background considered in the editing and filming process?


The audio/sound should be heard and the dialogue should be intelligible and dynamically balanced. The sound in all shots should have the same volume.


If music is required and/or allowed to be included in your video entry ensure that it is appropriate and engaging to the listener. However, obtaining appropriate music that you can legally use will be problematic. Please be aware that you cannot use music without proof of permission or royalty-free as you may infringe on  copyright rights of the performer so ensure you credit appropriately or seek permission. There’s plenty of royalty free options to explore.


Do the graphics, titles and other graphic elements such as logos look great and match a theme across the video. Are there any design elements in the graphics that stand out including fonts, logos, colours etc.

6. Does the Video Entry tell a full story? What is the overall impression? What is the effect? Does the Video Entry stand on its own, as complete and outstanding? Does it have the Wow! Factor?

And finally, the Judges are selected by the AIPP to judge their Contest Entries are experts or have some degree of expertise in what they are judging. Entrants can gain a sense of fair play when they see that the winner was chosen by experts. It should be noted that Sponsors may also be a part of the Judges Group.

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