lacey confirmed as ceo

New CEO of AIPP Inc. Marcus Lacey, says focus will be on the future and increased opportunity.

Marcus Lacey has been appointed CEO of Australian International Pedal Prix Inc. Having been acting in the position over the past month, his confirmation was endorsed at a meeting of the Board last night.

Lacey has a long history with the sport, his involvement with Pedal Prix dating back to the mid 90’s when he worked with Tim Bellotti. His children also participated, racing during the 2010’s. Most recently he has been operating in the position of Marketing and Communications Manager.

In commencing, he paid respect to his predecessor “Clearly the past two years have been tremendously challenging to say the least. Andrew McLachlan has navigated a path through very difficult times, and I would like to acknowledge his efforts during this period, and his outstanding contribution to our sport over what is the best part of the past two decades. There will be more to say about this in due course.”

His focus however is very much on the future. “2022 holds great promise of enabling a return to HPV racing on a major scale,” he said. “The UniSA Australian HPV Super Series is set for a full season of action, with development of the calendar well advanced. Traditional events such as a season opener at Mt Gambier look set to return. We got a chance this year to try a new format at Adelaide’s Victoria Park, which proved very successful. We were also able to introduce HPV racing to The Bend Motorsport Park, which was quite an event. With the experience gained, we have the opportunity to make these even better next year.”

While Lacey confirmed a return to Busselton, the ‘Events Capital of WA’ remained a likely prospect, along with the running of the traditional 24hr Australian International Pedal Prix at Murray Bridge, he also hinted at some new developments. “The 24hr race is the jewel in the crown. It’s a long, tough and challenging event which makes it so rewarding to contest. For next year however, we are considering an expanded race program there, and format changes which will add to improved rider enjoyment and safety. Aside from Murray Bridge, right now we’re looking at a couple of venues not on the 2021 calendar, some pre-season racing concepts, and creating opportunities for new teams to enter the sport. The net result will be greater openings to enjoy and participate in the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series and our unique and exciting sport.”

Lacey confirmed his focus is on shaping and developing the sport for participant involvement and enjoyment, and securing it’s long-term future. “Our sport has much to offer, so many benefits, and it’s simply, so enjoyable to be part of. I want to see the opportunity for everyone to participate continue to grow. I would like to thank the Board for their confidence in me and I look forward to working with our team to deliver an exciting season of events in 2022.”