Mt Gambier Season Opener

Mt Gambier’s Majestic McNamara park

The Uni SA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series (AHPVSS) returns to
the sweeping McNamara Park motor cycle racing circuit for the 2019 season
opener this Saturday, March 30. With a record 76 entries locked in, the weekend is
sure to be packed with action and excitement.

Competitors will travel from far and wide to take part. South Australia regional
entrants are well represented and include teams from Naracorte, Kingston, Mt
Barker, Bordertown and Millicent. Of course many Adelaide based outfits will be
flocking south including Pembroke, Coromandel Valley, Modbury and Playford
International. The town of Horsham in Victoria also has a big contingent making
the journey, with five teams in total taking part, along with numerous other
Victorian entrants. Multiple local entries from Mt Gambier will also be looking to put
on a strong showing in their home race.

Located 20 minutes outside Mt Gambier, the McNamara Park motor cycle racing
circuit has much to offer. The twisting 2.4 km circuit provides something for
everyone with fast straights, sweeping bends and technical downhill and uphill
sections, and is an ideal venue for the event.

In preparation for the Saturday March 30 race at the track, vehicle scrutineering
will take place at Mount Gambier Railway Lands Reserve in the CBD of Mount
Gambier on Friday March 29. This will be the first opportunity to see the new
season machines race ready.

Round 1 of the 2019 Uni SA AHPVSS in Mt Gambier is presented thanks to the
generous support of the City of Mount Gambier, District Council of Grant and
the Mount Gambier Motor Cycle Club.

Event Details
 Scrutineering
o Friday March 29, 1:00pm – 4:00pm, Mount Gambier CBD
 Race Day
o Saturday March 30 – McNamara Park motor bike race circuit
o Start/Finish Times – 9:00am to 5:00pm (8 hours)
 Circuit
o Name & Location – McNamara Park, McNamara Park Rd, Compton SA 5291
o Length – 2.4km
o Track Data – 12 corners, clockwise running
 Admission
o $5 per car payable at the gate

2019 Uni SA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series
Round 1 Entry List
Category S1
278 Canadian Lead Primary Canadian Thunder
53 Coromandel Valley Primary School Black Betty
271 Glencoe Central Primary School
The Murphy
47 Good Shepherd College Time Warp 2
137 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Hurricane (F)
135 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Thunder
10 Horsham West & Haven Primary School TBA (F)
22 Horsham West & Haven Primary School TBA
152 Melaleuca Park Primary School Warwar
117 Moorak and Yahl Primary School WASP 2
111 Moorak and Yahl Primary School WASP
219 Mount Gambier North Primary Prestissimo
212 Mount Gambier North Primary
War War Thaw Pe
100 Naracoorte Primary School Blue Thunder
101 St Martins Lutheran College Little Fish
Category S2
282 Grant High School (F)
283 Grant High School TBA
119 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Avalanche (F)
66 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Tempest
174 Horsham College Apocalypse
143 Horsham College HC Armeggedon
202 Kingston Community School (F)
34 Modbury High School Lynx
21 Mount Barker High School Barking Beautys (F)
20 Mount Barker High School Barking Mad
201 Mount Gambier High School Up On 2
3 Pembroke School Radar
Category S3
109 Glenunga International High School Glenunga Senior
50 Good Shepherd College
61 Holy Trinity Lutheran College Firestorm
31 Modbury High School Cheetah
32 Modbury High School Pink Panther (F)
2 Mount Barker High School Barking Mad Too
41 Norwood Morialta High School Focus
Page 3 of 4 Wednesday, 27 March 2019
9 Pembroke School
Devil Wears Cleats
185 Playford International College
55 Seaview High School
78 St Martins Lutheran College
Anything but
Orange (F)
93 St Martins Lutheran College Carbonated
Category C4
218 Bordertown Pedalprix Group
Category C5
148 Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus Stinger
217 Bordertown Pedalprix Group Border Express
38 EDEC Team 2 (F)
39 EDEC Team 3
166 Naracoorte High School Still Pending
129 Roof Rack City Racing Billie Fleming
Category C6
27 Fast Cats Racing Stray Cats
125 Millicent High School H.P.V. Racing Team Ript
5 Wattle Racing Whipstick 3.0
Category C7
284 A Team From Mt Gambier Seagulls
145 Blueshift Darleen
131 Bruce Racing (M)
71 Crank It Racing Crank It Too
89 Crank It Racing Crank It
40 EDEC Team 4
12 EDEC Team 1 (M)
26 Fast Cats Racing Hellcat
28 Fast Cats Racing
The Cheshire Cat
30 Fast Cats Racing Wildcat
29 Fast Cats Racing Tom Cat (M)
36 GTrikes/Rode RAGE Matrii
35 GTrikes/Rode RAGE Matrix
23 Horsham West & Haven Primary School TBA
178 Kingston Racing Team
Breaking the
138 Millicent High School H.P.V. Racing Team
259 Peninsula Human Power Goldmember
90 Reload Racing Frank (F)
64 Reload Racing 2B Frank
Page 4 of 4 Wednesday, 27 March 2019
156 Seaview High School MOE
95 St Martins Lutheran College Crank it
16 Team Relentless Relentless
1 Team Relentless Trump Trumps
142 Unhinged Unhinged
19 Wattle Racing Ironbark
7 Wattle Racing Shes the Man (F)
191 Wild Boar Racing Wild Boar (M)

2019 UniSA Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series
Rnd 1 Mount Gambier 8 hour McNamara Park March 30th
Rnd 2 Loxton 6 hour Street Circuit May 5th
Rnd 3 Adelaide Race 1 6 hour Victoria Park June 15 – 16th
Rnd 4 Adelaide Race 2 6 hour Victoria Park July 27 – 28th
Rnd 5 Busselton 6 hour Street Circuit August 18th
Rnd 6 Murray Bridge 24 hour Street Circuit September 21 – 22nd