Thankyou bruce Dodd

Retiring Board member of Australian International Pedal Prix Inc., Bruce Dodd, has left a legacy of generosity and a contribution beyond what the eye might see.

Bruce announced his retirement at the end of 2022 after joining the Board in 2008, a 14 year commitment to building the sport and events to ever improving standards.

After an involvement with Aberfoyle Hub teams, he turned his passion for pedal prix to assisting the growth and development of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series, where he took on responsibility for facilities management at events. On site he dealt with many issues and kept the smooth operation running, providing valuable behind the scenes management.

“Bruce made a significant impact on me at AIPP Inc.” said CEO Marcus Lacey. “His cheerful friendly attitude and unwavering positive approach, combined with his extensive experience and knowledge of Pedal Prix really made a difference, both at Board level and at event operations. He will be missed. On behalf of the Board, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the many years of voluntary contribution and positive impact he made.”

He had an excellent rapport with teams, and fellow volunteers, his good natured and often humorous approach enhancing his “nothing is too difficult” approach. He was always willing to pitch in and do the hard yards. Bruce always had the needs of facilities, teams and the organisers at the front of his mind – promptly addressing issues and getting things done.

With so many years of involvement, Bruce had a great understanding of the sport, particularly around circuit design, facility layout and safety. Over the years, his inclusive approach in dealing with fellow volunteers and staff contributed significantly to the development of cohesive and well functioning event management teams.

Bruce is looking forward to spending more time with his family, and will always be a close ally of our community.