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Trike Racer HPV Video Slam Competition is about continuing the growth and promotion of filmmakers within the HPV Community and the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series. Entrants must create up to a 4-minute video that tells the Judges a story of a rider, their team, a school, their trike or something similar from this year’s Murray Bridge 24 hour.

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there are 3 categories

Judges choice with 3 prizes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd>
FloodLight Media School Award
Brand Action Fan Favourite – People’s choice


Brand Action 1st Prize: $100 JB HI-FI voucher
Sko Media 2nd Prize: $50 JB HI-FI voucher
AIPP Inc. 3rd Prize: $30 JB HI-FI voucher

Floodlight Media Schools Award: The School award will be presented to the school or school student who the judges score the highest. Schools award entry must be tagged #trikeracer2019, #Schooltrikeracer,#ahpvss2019
Floodlight Media Schools Award, Prize: The winner will get to go behind the scenes of Floodlight Media and the SA Film Corporation and Studios. This gives them the opportunity to learn about their equipment and processes, fly their drone, and work on an edit of a project

Brand Action Fan Favourite: The Fan Favorite award will be presented to the video that attracts the most interest through likes, shares and comments across Facebook and YouTube. Get your team mates, family and friends to like and share and comment. Be proud of your work and get it out there. Must be tagged #trikeracer2019 and #ahpvss2019 to enter.
Brand Action Fan Fav (based on shares, likes, comments): $50 JB HI-FI voucher



Competition closes –  2 weeks after Murray Bridge AIPP race – (Sunday 6th October 2019 11.55pm CST Aust).

Voting closes–  4 weeks after Murray Bridge AIPP race – (Sunday 20th October 2019 11.55pm CST Aust).

Judges decision are final and announced on AIPP Facebook page on Friday 25th October 2019 by 5pm (CST Aust).


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why get involved?

This is a great opportunity to show your passion for video and media skills and your enjoyment of HPV Racing.

Schools could also enhance their media studies programs through pedal prix. Remember you can share and post during the day while the race is on #pedalprix2019, #ahpvss and #ahpvss2019. Up to 3 entries per person or school allowed. This isn’t a photo competition; its a video story telling competition.

Want some inspiration? Check out the videos from last the 2018 Trike Racer HPV Video Slam.

We found this cool Real Street Skateboarding competition for edits, angles and video!

Remember we reserve the right to not publish or award inappropriate videos or videos not in line with the values of the pedal prix community so keep it positive, and keep it clean.

what we’re looking for?

Show us some diversity and imagination in the editing, titles, audio and video…tell us a pedal prix story up to 4 minutes long.

Remember judging is subjective and also an artform.

Judges want to see something interesting, motivating or exciting that tells a story. They are looking for great filming, new angles, smooth editing and a good song (remember copyright issues). Include some exciting features as part of the edit, this could be some cool names, surprising graphics or something new. Think about a quick intro, great outro, consistent style of the shooting and audio paired with the graphics, diversity in whole footage as it is the overall package that takes us on a journey!

Judges won’t necessarily pick the same as the Fan Fav. Judges will be more critical of all elements of the video package so its a full, slick and well edited package. Judges are thinking about the total video in a more comprehensive way and 3 judges work on a points system with the total calculated independently for the overall winners with a set judging criteria.

Once judging has concluded we’ll contact you and get your postal address to send you your prize if you’re successful.

how to enter

Upload to YouTube and/or Facebook.

Submit the Entry form and enter the links to your videos.

Share, like, love across YouTube, and Facebook. You can use one channel or both if you wish. Get your team mates, family and friends to like and share and comment. Be proud of your work and get it out there. Must be tagged #trikeracer2019, #ahpvss2019 to enter. If you’re entering as a school add #Schooltrikeracer to your description.

Only videos that have been entered via the Entry Form will be considered.

Additional to the #trikeracer2019 and #ahpvss2019 to enter. Give us a story in the description about your video in 50 words or less. Make it engaging and interesting so we get a sense of what you’re trying to achieve.


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